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Fodera MG Imperial Elite 5-String



Vincent van Trigt Masterbuilt Fender Custom Shop ’63 P Bass



F Bass BN5



1978 Fender Jazz Bass



Dingwall NG3



Sire Marcus Miller V10 4 String



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Your Success As A Bass Player is Our Success

We created this giveaway to show you how SBL Membership is the best bass training platform in the world.

Scott Teaching

I’ve seen firsthand the remarkable transformation SBL Membership can have on your bass playing... and how it takes people from lost and confused about how to make progress as a bass player…

To grooving and shredding like their favorite pros — faster than they ever thought possible.

Which is why I’m willing to risk over $45,000 to host this Treasure Hunt...


I strongly believe that once you see how the game-changing SBL platform helps you become the best player you can be, you’ll want to become one of our long-time Members.

So I created this Treasure Hunt to give you the perfect excuse to test drive the Membership for yourself — absolutely FREE.

Inside you will be asked to complete a series of simple challenges, like starting your journey on Players Path — our skill-based, step-by-step learning platform — or joining one of our Members-only Livestreams.

Each time you complete a challenge you increase your chances of winning one of more than $45,000 in prizes!

Players Path

Each challenge is designed to help you experience the powerful benefits of SBL Membership, so you get to see everything the Membership has to offer firsthand.

There are a few ways to join the Treasure Hunt without accessing the SBL Members Area…

But if you want to complete all of the Treasure Hunt Challenges — and give yourself the best odds of winning — then you must either be an active SBL Member or take a 14-day FREE trial.

Here’s how to join the 2022 SBL Treasure Hunt Giveaway & enter for your chance to WIN one of more than $45,000 in prizes...

The goal of the Treasure Hunt is to collect as many “tickets” as possible. Each ticket is worth one entry in the giveaway. Which means the more tickets you collect, the better your chances of winning become.


Over 100 courses with world-class tutors

Our ever-growing course library is HUGE and features in-depth courses on virtually every skill you could ever want to learn as a bass player.

Featured Courses

Featured Tutors


Step-by-step development paths

Players Path is a step-by-step platform that can guide you from absolute beginner to pro-level. You’ll know exactly what to work on every time you sit down to practice, to make the most progress for your current skill level.

Learning Pathways allows you to dive deep on a genre or technique — like blues, R&B, or walking bass — and enjoy step-by-step instruction towards mastering that topic.


One-to-one student feedback workshops

Submit videos of yourself playing to myself and the education team and you’ll get the one-on-one feedback you need to perfect whatever skill you’re working on.


Real-time Mentorship from A-List bassists

Experience real-time mentorship from A-list bass players like Michael League, Gary Willis, and John Patitucci.

Get answers to your burning questions and expert guidance to avoid common problems with multiple weekly live streams.


Accountability & support from a thriving community

Whether you need constructive feedback or a friendly push, our members support each other’s journey and feel a sense of belonging over a shared love of the bass.


The biggest thing I did to improve my bass playing was join SBL.

Randy from Norwalk, OH

Join The SBL Treasure Hunt Giveaway To Test Drive The Membership Free For 14 Days & Enter To Win Over $45,000 In Prizes.


I'd love to enter, but I live [someplace far away]. Can I still win?

Yes! The giveaway is open to anybody, worldwide.

Is there any purchase necessary to enter?

There is no purchase necessary to enter. As you'll see on the entry form, there are several ways of entering the giveaway that don't require any purchase at all.

However if you want the best odds of winning, you need to complete the Treasure Hunt Challenges inside the SBL Membership. And that means you need to be an active SBL Member or claim a 14-day free trial.

The free trial gives you two whole weeks to test drive the Membership for yourself. And if you don’t love everything about it, you can cancel at any time during your trial without paying a penny. And you’ll still get to keep all your tickets in the Treasure Hunt Giveaway no matter what.

What if I don't win anything? How can I go on after that?

How do you go on!? I'm the one who has to give away all this amazing bass stuff!

In all seriousness, though, if you grab a trial to the membership and don't win, don't sweat it. We do giveaways in the membership all the time.

Oh, and you just might accidentally Level Up Your Bass Playing. That's not nothing ;)

What if I want to get maximum entries to the giveaway, but I'm already a member?

Our members can get just as many entries as the maximum non-members can collect.

Just check your email. We've sent you a secret code you can enter for some entries, and a link where, by answering a short survey (yes, it's okay if you've already answered it), you can get even more entries.

Between the two, you'll get just as many as non-members.

How will the winner be chosen and contacted?

After the end of the giveaway, we'll do a drawing weighted precisely by the number of entries for each person.

We'll announce the winner on a livestream to which we'll email you the link, then we'll email everybody the replay link.

We'll also contact the winners directly, so don't worry - if you've won you'll hear from us.

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